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"Building Bridges" by Andreas Jung

Integration of external web services into Plone using XML Director. Given by Andreas Jung at Plone Conference 2015 Bucharest
Datum 30.10.2015

Andreas Jung (ZOPYX): Publishing with CSS Paged Media – A review of existing tools and techniques

Andreas Jung (ZOPYX) XSL-FO is the de-facto technical standard for automatic typesetting of XML content in the publishing industry besides workflows build on top of Adobe Indesign. XSL-FO has come into its years and is not very much loved by the XML solution providers. Professional XSL-FO engines like Antenna House provide very good typographic results but it is usually a hard and time-consuming business for producing high-quality documents with XSL-FO. The author worked in 2007 with XSL-FO for one year as part of a publishing project at Haufe-Lexware where HTML content provided through a content-retrival application (installed as desktop application on customer PCs) had to be converted to PDF, RTF and DOC on the fly as part of an extended print/export functionality. The only possible solution for building a cross-plattform PDF generation that would both run on customer desktops and on server installations was based on the converter XINC (an Apache FOP derivative). Already at this time it was possible to use CSS with some extensions to create PDF documents with a professional look & feel and support for headers and footers, footnotes, reasonable table layouts etc. However the underlaying XSL-FO functionality was never exposed to the developers since an open-source converter csstoxslfo could be used to transform the existing HTML content together with a stylesheet to XSL-FO and run the conversion on top of the generation FO document. Slides:
Datum 30.05.2015

High-quality generation PDF from XML/HTML with CSS Paged Media

Generating high-quality PDF documents and print layouts from HTML and XML is easy using the CSS Paged Media approach. Talk from XML Prague 2015 given by ZOPYX CEO Andreas Jung
Datum 01.04.2015

Structured Content Rocks - Integration of eXist-db with Plone

Given by Andreas Jung at Plone Conference 2014 in Bristol
Datum 02.11.2014

Plone Conference 2014 - Why Plone is going to die!

Personal view on the state of Plone from the developer point of view - now and for the future (no rant involed
Datum 30.10.2014

"Getting things done" - Pragmatische Projekte mit Plone

Andreas Jung Plone ist ein komplexes Web-Framework with vielen Modulen und vielschichtigen Abstraktionsebenen. Kundenprojekte im Bereich Web erfordern oft Anpassungen auf mehreren Ebenen: neue Inhaltstypen, Änderungen an Templates und existierenden F
Datum 01.11.2012

Andreas Jung: Pragmatic projects - getting things done with Plone

Plone is a complex framework with many layers and levels of complexity. Working on customer projects of involves creating new content-types, customization of existing views, tweaking and fixing of existing Plone functionality. It is always hard finding the right path between creating dirty workaround and hacks or spending a huge amount of time and money for implementing a very clean solution or generic solution that will fit all needs for the future. This talk will give an overview about techniques used in our latest projects for getting things done and working with Plone in a pragmatic way. Time constraints, budget constraints and limited human resources often lead to suboptimal results but this is the fate of every integration and customization project. We will cover topics like customization of templates and Plone code, best practice approaches creating site fixtures for getting early customer feedback with fake content, pragmatic testing etc.
Datum 18.10.2012

Andreas Jung: Von Plone zum EBook oder PDF (Plone Konferenz München 2012)

Informationen sollten innerhalb einer Institution nicht redundant gespeichert werden. Die gleiche Informationsquelle (Single Source) soll für verschiedene Ausgabekanäle und Medien (Multi-Channel) verwendet werden. Die Inhalte eines Content-Management-Systems wie Plone können sowohl zur Generierung qualitativ hochwertiger PDF-Produkte als auch zur Generierung von elektronischen Büchern (eBooks) verwendet werden. Der Vortrag präsentiert ein System für Single-Source Multi-Channel Publishing mit Plone. Mit Hilfe der "Produce & Publish" Plattform lassen sich individuelle Publishing-Lösungen für Verlage, Druckereien und Organisationen realisieren. Der Fokus liegt einerseits bei der Generierung von hochqualitativen Ausgabeprodukten (PDF und EBook) und andererseits in der Integration aller Arbeitsschritte innerhalb einer gemeinsamen Benutzeroberfläche die auf Basis von Plone realisiert ist. Andreas Jung ist langjähriger Python, Zope und Plone-Entwickler und engagiert sich im Vorstand der Deutschen Zope User Group. Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte sind Backend-Software-Entwicklung sowieso Consulting im Bereich Zope und Plone. Electronic Publishing ist eines der Spezialgebiete von Andreas Jung. Mit der Produce & Publish Plattform realisiert ZOPYX unter Leitung von Andreas Jung kunden-spezifische Publishing-Lösungen von PDF und E-Books hin zu Katalogen und anderen anspruchsvollen Publikationen.
Datum 04.03.2012

Andreas Jung about

Andreas Jung about Movie by Com.Lounge TV
Datum 28.01.2007