Produce & Publish Authoring Environment announced

Produce & Publish Authoring Environment angekündigt

We are happy to announce the Produce & Publish Authoring Environment (PPAE). The Authoring Environment is another key component to state-of-the-art web publishing. It allows you manage all your content and all your assets required for producing hiqh-quality documents (especially PDF) within the content-management-system Plone. Your output neutral content can be converted into different formats and using different styles completely through-the-web. The Authoring Environment supports all content production steps through one unique user interface.

This includes

  • content editing
  • content managment
  • export and conversion of content to PDF and other formats
  • review and publishing of produced output documents


A first version of the  Produce & Publish Authoring Environment will be available in April 2010.


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Produce & Publish Server:

Ich war fertig mit Schreiben im Web und schon lag die PDF vor – das hat Charakter! Nur einen Wimpernschlag entfernt, das ist die Faszination dieser Lösung.

Kristina Donath
Koordinatorin Qualitätsmanagement und Gesundheitsförderung der Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf