Delivering Produce & Publish Authoring Environment to DEISA

ZOPYX liefert Publishing Umgebung für DEISA

We are pleased to announce that the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications (DEISA) has chosen the Produce & Publish platform for producing high-quality PDF documents for their online documentation. DEISA, the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications, is a consortium of leading national Supercomputing centres that aims at fostering the pan-European world-leading computational science research. DEISA deploys and operates a persistent, production quality, distributed supercomputing environment with continental scope. It aims at delivering a turnkey operational solution for a future European HPC eco system. And by extending the European collaborative environment in the area of supercomputing,

As part of the project ZOPYX will deliver the new Produce & Publish Authoring Environment allowing the editors to manage their content and conversion assets through the same user interface.

With this contract ZOPYX underlines its strength and competence in delivering high-quality and flexible web-to-print solutions to large organizations to a reasonable price.


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Die Universität Bonn migriert ihren zentralen Webauftritt unter Einbeziehung von Instituten auf Zope/Plone.

Andreas Jung hat die Universität Bonn im Rahmen der Neukonzeptionierung kompetent und sehr effizient beraten. Er führte die Anforderungen von Instituten zusammen und entwickelte daraus das Konzept eines modularen Modellinstituts für die Universität Bonn.

Martin Ragg
IT-Projektmanager, Universität Bonn